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Sakura talking to Fujitaka: sketches
Source: TV
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Added 3/20/2022
Updated 3/20/2022
Ep. 9, cut 27. On her way to her date with Syaoran, Sakura stops briefly in the living room to check the bulletin board (where her household tasks for the day are listed). “You must be excited,” he comments.

This simple scene was rather carefully worked out, as shown by the amount of paper that came with the background. I’ve featured above a very finished but early version of this setting. Notice that the piece of furniture behind Sakura seems to be some kind of entertainment center, perhaps a fifties-style TV. Most importantly, Sakura still seems to be her grade-school child self, while one important issue in the series is her maturation into a young woman.

So the sketch came with two genzus, the first of which reworked the setting with Sakura’s taller stature in mind. The bulletin board is now much higher on the wall (in line with where her head would now be) and Fujitaka is now lower in the frame and much closer to the viewer. The second genzu, accompanied with a long note, showed how she would enter the frame and turn, holding her bag. That would be important to the artist, as it means the whole front of the cabinet (now imagined as a glass-fronted bookcase) and all of the curios would need to be painted realistically. (By contrast, the bottom rows of the bookcase under the hi-fi system would be hidden behind the book layer and so could be roughed in.

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