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Yue Hovering: Background
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Original Matching Background

Added 3/20/2022
Episode 13 ("Sakura and Meiling's Return"), cut 138. Touya and Yukito are having a conversation in the courtyard of the shrine where Yukito lives, which turns mysterious when Touya mentions that there is new power growing inside him. This makes Yukito transform into his Yue form, and as the glow generated by this move fades, we see that Yue’s feet are hovering a few inches above the stepping stones in the courtyard.

This is the original background, showing the fat stepping stones seated on the dusty ground of the temple courtyard. The upper left corner is less finished because Yue’s robes and hair would largely fill this space. The thumbs add an uncropped version of the scan and a detail from the right-hand stepping stone, showing the variety of colors and brushwork that define the stone’s edge and shadow.

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