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Tenshi ni Narumon: Step 26 (What is Truly Important)

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Silky Astonished
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 1
Cel Number: A15
Standard size

Key Cel
No Background

Added 3/17/2022
Cut 117. The perspective shifts over to Silky, who now has her angelic wings back and is looking around in complete mystification.

Notice how human her expression is here, quite a change from the demonic persona she embodied at the start of this episode. Indeed, she now really looks a lot like . . . well, a prominent non-monstrous and non-angelic female member of the cast.

Sequence mates to this cel can be found in Tictac’s Corner (A18), Bian’s Cels, and film.

The partial douga, showing only Silky’s hair and clothing reacting to her head moves, is added in the thumbnail.

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