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Mr. Kaminuma explains how to use a loupe: background
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Added 1/16/2022
Updated 1/16/2022
Episode 3 [Sakura’s Heavy Rain Alert], cut 59. The biology lesson today involves using a loupe to see the way different flowers are put together. Her science teacher is explaining that this device is a kind of magnifying glass and cautioning the students not to try to look at the sun through it. (Not much chance of that, because an unusually severe downpour is occurring outside.)

This utilitarian image of a blackboard featured rather graceful “chalkboard” captions and drawings. The letters were drawn on the background in pastel, while the colored images of the dandelion flower were painted to resemble blackboard images. The first thumbnail shows a closer view of this part of the board. The second thumbnail is a fuller scan of the background, showing how it was worked up from broad strokes of gray watercolor.

Interestingly, this lot came with a second background (not imaged), likewise representing a plain gray chalkboard, but with no captions. Possibly the artist was not sure which shade of gray the studio wanted.

And as you can tell from the screen cap, it looks as if the studio in the end rejected this background and went with a greenish colored chalkboard. Notice that the chalked in parts have been altered and enlarged, perhaps to make sure that kids watching this episode don't go out and blind themselves looking at the sun with a magnifying glass.

This episode was directed by Mitsutaka Noshitani and storyboarded by Yurie Kuniyuki. Animation direction was credited to Eri Tokugawa and Kiyotaka Nakahara.

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