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The Kinomotos’ breakfast table: Copy sketch
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Added 1/16/2022
This sketch, like the others, is based on a studio-made photocopy, that looks to have been made from a previous photocopy that had been marked up as an art board for the background artist’s use. Clearly there had some dithering over just how much of the table and surrounding room would be shown: you can see that quite a few different safety frames were drawn, then discarded before settling on the darkest rectangle.

This sheet showed quite a bit of additional work by the art-board team: floor planks were indicated (in graphite) on the top left, and the design of the dining room chair on the bottom left was thoroughly redone. The first thumb takes you closer in to this part, where you can see that the copy sketch’s version of the chair was blotted out with white correction fluid, and the chair redrawn in holograph graphite. The second thumb adds a detail of the finished watercolor so that you can appreciate the final version of the chair that caused an unexpected amount of trouble.

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