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Han-Gyojin (Ep. 20)
Source: TV
Layers: 1
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Cel Number: A4
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Added 1/15/2022
Ep. 20: Mermaid Love [Han-gyōjin no Koi]. Han-Gyojin (roughly, "half-fisherman") has apparently been turned into one of the merfolk through some misadventure. In this episode he decides that romance among the finny folk is not nearly as hot as the sex he used to have among human fisherwomen. So this adventure has him engaging a matchmaker to get him a human bride. In the Celtic tradition, the Kelpie is said to try to abduct women he fancies, often with fatal results, but this episode (from what I gather) is rather comic, for Han-Gyolin chooses as his matchmaker the series trickster Nezumi Otoko.

This screen grab seems to show the frustrated merman in the middle of the wedding ceremony, beginning to realize that he’s been had.

Han-gyojin is a canonical character who appears in Mizuki’s manga and in a number of other Kitarō series. This collage, from a fansite, pulls together a number of different character designs from the manga (top left) and from the anime (our Series 3 character is top right).

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