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Neko-Mesume socks Nezumi-Otoko 1
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Added 1/3/2021
An interesting group of sketches, labeled “20-44,” show the catgirl hauling off and slugging Rat Man. The one featured is at once the most elaborate and also the most “scribbly,” with apparently two layers of work, one in graphite, the other in yellow pencil. The thumbs add two other rough drafts. The first (also worked over with yellow pencil) shows an earlier pose of Neko-Mesume “winding up” with her punch, while the second, on Toei layout stock, shows her following up with her swing and poor Nezumi-Otoko headed for the floor.

The episode summary on the Wiki does not mention this scene, but Rat Man pretty regularly needs a good solid sock on the chin for something he’s done. Or maybe he’s just playing dumb. Notice the two objects shooting out of his head in the image above: it’s possible they are earplugs (or corks) that he’s used to protect himself from Yasha’s captivating melody. And “20-44” would likely be one of the later scenes in the episode. Maybe he just forgot to take them out and so he’s ignoring what Neko-Mesume is trying to tell him. See the first thumb in the next item.

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