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Dr. Hell from Mazinger Z Storyboard
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Added 12/9/2020
Updated 6/20/2021
This scrap sheet from a storyboard came attached to a cel of Mamezō, the mischievous boy cyborg from Microid S (Toei 1973). However, the oversized image of the character, who’s identified as “Dr ヘル” (Dr Heru or “Doctor Hell”) shows that it belongs to the early mecha series Mazinger Z, which was adapted to anime by Toei during the same time period (1972-74). A quick check of a wiki devoted to this long-running series located a portrait screen cap that confirms this ID.

The storyboard, like those from Microid S that I’ve salvaged, was done using mimeography rather than photocopying, as became usual soon afterwards. It however shows the same basic studio format: the boxed “No.” identifies the page number: this is page five. The columns on the far left identify the “Scene” and “Cut” being planned out: in this case the page covers: this is from Scene 2 and covers cuts 14-18.

The next column, inside of a heavy frame, gives rough images of what will be seen in each cut. The first one, evidently an evil minion makes a comment (evidently just a grunt of displeasure). Then the perspective shifts to Dr. Hell, seen in an oversized image with directions to the animators to “T. O.” or “track out” from the villain’s face. Lightning crackles; the minion closes his eyes and nods assent; lightning crackles again.

The column to the right of the thumbnail images describes what is going on and gives references to earlier scenes that presumably use the same perspective. The next one over gives the relevant lines from the script. (Note that Dr. Hell’s line is rather extensive while the minion seemingly just mutters.) A further column gives the timing of the scenes in seconds.

There are places for comments on “FOOT,” “MUSIC,” and “EFFECT,” but these are blank as they are in all my Microid S storyboard pages.

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