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Shippo holds up the letter of challenge
Source: TV
Layers: 3
Sketches: 3
Cel Number: A1E, B7E, C3E
Standard size

Key Cel
End Cel
Original Matching Background

Added 10/6/2020
Updated 10/7/2020
Episode 68, cut 118. Shippo has been lured into a trap with a letter challenging him to a duel. The author, Sōten, instead locks Shippo into a cage, threatening to do him in slowly. In a rage, the fox demon pulls out the challenge, but his captor responds with mockery.

Featured above is the master set-up, made up of the three end cels (A1: the cage bars, B7: Shippo’s body, C3: mouth layer) plus the original matching background. The sheet the fox demon is holding says 果た~狀 or hatashijō, the term for a formal challenge. Examples of such letters posted on Japanside websites show that these were normally tighty-folded rectangles like the one Shippo is holding, with “Hatashijō ” boldly written on the cover. The inside (as we see in an earlier scene in the episode) provides the identity of the challenger and sets the terms for the duel.

The thumbnails add the B7 douga with the C3 douga digitally added, and the A1 douga of the cage’s bars. Notice that, as usual, the image of Shippo has blanks included to let some of these bars show through from a lower layer, so that it appears that the fox demon is inside the cage, pushing the letter through the bars in front.

Move ahead one item for a nice extra included with this set-up, the holograph layout, probably executed by the episode’s animation director, as well as a closer look at the original background.

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