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Rozen Maiden 4: Episode 12

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Suigintou catches on fire: C2
Source: TV
Layers: 2
Sketches: 3
Cel Number: A2/C2, C4
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Added 9/17/2020
Updated 9/17/2020
As the fire of her own attack turns self-destructive, the villain gasps, realizing that she’s done for.

This again is the rough, again on turquoise paper but certainly the work of Ishii (and with her usual note in the corner). Look in particular at Suigintou’s eye on the right (her left): it does look like it is hollow, farther away than the left eye and in a curious way sunken in. The much weaker layout is added in the first thumb.

The second thumb deals with another interesting issue in this cut: as the reflected attack seizes on the villain’s own body, a bluish-white fire begins to flicker in the frame. Ishii worked out how this would work as an overlay to Suigintou’s face as a short bank. This is a simple reanimation of the three roughs that came with this set:

Interestingly, the first of these showed patches of flame streaming over the right side of the frame, and Ishii (or director Matsuo?) canceled these with bold X’s. You can see from the screencap why: they would obscure the memorable expression on the villain’s face: not anger or defeat but simple shock at being, in the end, less than perfect.

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