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Hazuki arrives in Milka’s world: Rilezu
Source: Other
Layers: 1
Sketches: 1
Cel Number: A2 + B1 (clean-up)
Standard size

Copy Matching Background

Added 6/8/2020
Cut 30. Responding to danger, Hazuki alertly reaches for her sword as she and Lilith land on the beach of Milka’s island. (It’s the tiger Rascaless, who’s about to try to rid the world of the obnoxious gizmo Ken-chan.)

This is a rilezu or post-production cel created by Office F&O from art provided by Studio Deen, the series’ producer. It came with a clean-up sketch, combining information from the original A2 and B1 douga layers, and a laser-printed matching copy background. This bg has been cropped somewhat; the full sheet makes it clear that the ship to Hatsuki’s left was a book layer scanned on top of the watercolor painting of the sky and ocean.

I don’t often go for rilezu, preferring the actual production art such as the autograph layout in the previous item. But the beautiful work done on Hatsuki’s hazy but riveting eyes made me willing to add this piece of art to my collection.

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