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Shatta saves Palme
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 1
Cel Number: A1
Oversize, 17.5W x 13.5H

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Added 7/11/2019
Updated 7/11/2019

Cut 1371. Another of the Hunters’ efforts to abduct Palme comes to catastrophe, as the car in which they are trying to cross a bottomless abyss catches fire and drops into the void engulfed in flames. (Oh, but they’ll be baaaack!) Shatta has climbed out onto the cable from which the car is dangling, however, and nabbed the puppet just in time.

“Are you all right?” he asks, in the slightly absurd way in which anime characters respond to some spectacular disaster. (Yeah, Palme’s OK, but after all, it’s not easy to kill a magically animated puppet made of kooloop wood, as we’re reminded often in this film.)

This huge (17.5” x 13.5”) douga came up for auction randomly. I thought it worth the having because of its extravagant size and for the detailed annotations on the front. You can see a normal-sized cel of Shatta on the same high wire (before the rescue) in my “Koram and Shatta” gallery.

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