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Ep. 3: Kino takes leave of the Tradition Bearer: rejected “start” keyframe
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Added 7/4/2019
Updated 7/4/2019
Ep. 3, cut 133 [Tradition (伝統 dentou) -Tricksters- ]. After visiting a land where the inhabitants greet him with a joyous “cat-ear dance” (during which all the participants put on anime-con-style plastic cat ears) Kino encounters a man living by himself in the woods nearby. He explains that the townspeople had banished the king who had been in charge of keeping up the realm’s old traditions. Having done so, the people found that they no longer had any customs, and thus had nothing to give them cultural identity. So now they are doomed to improvise a new kind of festival whenever any traveler comes by to visit.

Here Kino, seated on Hermes and ready to move on, is thanking the man for the perspective he’s given.

But you can see that the cut number on this holograph layout has been cancelled with a bold “X.” When I was initially looking for the context of this simple cut, I was afraid that the entire scene had been cut out during production. But in fact it was radically refigured to show Kino from a different perspective, her head turned back toward his host. Still, this keyframe stayed in consideration long enough for one of the artists to execute a layout correction of the eyes (see thumb).

Who? I’d guess the director/storyboard artist Ryutaro Nakamura [中村 隆太郎, also series director] but can’t be sure, given the scarcity of surviving sketches.

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