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Ep. 8: Nimya as a child: First stage
Source: TV
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Added 7/4/2019
Updated 7/4/2019
Episode 8 [Land of Wizards - Potentials of Magic - (魔法使いの国 Mahōtsukai no Kuni)]. This episode involves a land in which knowledge is defined strictly in terms of increasing agricultural yields; all other realms of learning, such as physics and engineering, are defined as “useless.” In this scene, Nimya, the rebel protagonist of this episode, remembers a childhood experience of visiting a man who defied this dictate and so was cast out of society. The cut shows the child Nimya looking intently and curiously as the strange old man. Then the feared “wizard” suddenly looks her way, and Nimya responds with terror.

Surviving sketch sets from this series were largely broken up during the initial popularity of the series, particularly those showing Kino and Hermes. This set, showing a guest character during a flashback scene, largely escaped this fate, and so it is more complete than most, lacking only the dougas. It shows some odd features, notably a set of sketches on light turquoise paper with a very early conception of this scene. The first of these (corresponding to the A1 keyframe) is featured, with the second (= A3) in the first thumb. The second thumb shows the copy layout for the opening frame, which is already quite different, and you’ll see in the next items that the layout's conception of the character was the basis for the finished cut.

So who did these turquoise-paper sketches? Without more material from the series, I can’t make a firm guess, but often first-stage sketches were suggestions to the animation director from the episode director, in this case Tetsuya Endo [遠藤 徹哉]. This artist did a lot of storyboarding, notably for Hikaru no Go, a series in which he did a lot of work as senior and episode director. In any case, they are an unusual find, worth posting for future reference.

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