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Nimya as a child: A1
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 3
Cel Number: A1
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Added 7/4/2019
Updated 7/7/2019
And here is the version of the A1 frame that actually was produced, showing Nimya looking intently at the “mage” who has just set a mechanical pump working in his yard to produce fresh water.

Featured above is the rough (or layout correction) stage, as drawn by the episode animation director, Naomi Miyata [宮田 奈保美]. This distinguished animator is best known as character designer for Slayers, beginning with the classic 1995 cel-based series and continuing to the CGI-based Slayers Evolution (2009). She also worked on a wide variety of distinguished series, notably Angelic Layer (gengas, episode animation direction).

The thumbs add the resulting genga (first thumb) and an interesting post-genga shuusei that polishes Nimya’s eyes and expression. The colored paper (again a light turquoise) suggests that the artist was not Miyata, who used the usual yellow paper, but a supervisor. No “senior animation director” was credited for this series, and the sketching seems quite different and more detailed than the first-stage sketches in the previous item. So, perhaps character designer Shigeyuki Suga? Another puzzle.

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