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Kanaria lies inert
Source: TV
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Cel Number: A1 END
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Added 6/29/2019
Träumend, Ep. 12 ("Alice" Shōjo). In the aftermath of the disastrously messy conclusion to the series, all the dolls lie lifeless on the ground while Jun calls for Rozen to appear from the Great Beyond and come up with a better ending. (Ah, but that challenged even Peach-Pit themselves, as we shall see in Zurückspulen.) Among others, we see a still frame of the defunct Kanaria.

I’ve featured this very fine rough sketch by Senior Animation Director Kumi Ishii. While scribbly in many ways, it is remarkable in capturing the realistic three-dimensional form of this doll, and her complex costume and character design are dead on. Compare the much less effective layout (first thumb), a flat image with less effective open, staring eyes. The resulting genga (second thumb) is added in the second thumb. This short sketch set, part of a grab-bag lot, also retained the douga, but that is essentially identical to the genga.

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