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Hina-ichigo draws her medium through the mirror
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Added 6/29/2019
Ep. 2. Hina-ichigo. (雛苺 Kleine Beere). At the start of the Rozen Maiden story, we see the youngest of the Maidens with Tomoe, the human medium she has possessed. It becomes clear that she has demanded so much attention that her medium now has become listless and perennially exhausted. (Parents remembering the first years of their children’s lives can relate...) Tomoe tries to reason with Hina, but the doll becomes convinced that she is about to be abandoned again. Using her command of her medium’s rose ring, she passes into a mirror and forces the girl to follow her.

This singleton genga from a broken set came to me as part of a grab-bag lot. It is well worth having, as this is a scary moment in the early episodes and establishes Hina as a potentially dangerous character, for all her infantile behavior. Notice how the genga completely realizes her body and costume, then carefully defines where the doll is sinking through the surface of the mirror. This detail was needed by the inbetweener (douga) artist, so that the frames before and after this keyframe would match realistically.

As I’ve noted in my comments on my OP genga of the apparently cute and loveable Hina-ichigo., this doll has a midnight urban legend nature, and her single-minded intention to “be together” with Tomoe all the time is certainly in character with the homicidal dolfies of Japanese folklore. When she drags her medium Tomoe through the mirror into her world and transforms her into a clone of herself, it’s a genuinely terrifying scene, even with all the cute ribbons and children’s toys in the background.

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