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Yuki reacts to Saki’s memories of meeting Tohru
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Added 6/28/2019
Updated 6/28/2019
Cut 83. Tohru dashes out (to get the cards for “Rich Man, Poor Man”) and the Sohmas press her other friend, the intimidating, eerie Saki Hanajima, for a memory. “I was transferred to her class in middle school,” she simply says, adding “I’d caused a bit of disturbance in my previous school.” The creepy edge to her voice, along with her uncanny demeanor, sends a chill through the three Sohmas, which is accented by shock cuts to all three in SD form. The studio added a digital texture to all these images to accent the “shock” effect. This is the first of the three, featuring Yuki.

The genga is featured, with the layout and the rough, probably by animation director Sokabe, in the thumbs. It is interesting that the early versions make Yuki look a little irritated, while the final version (seen in the genga and screen cap) shows nothing but alarm.

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