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Eagle Vision: rough and layouts
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Added 4/22/2019
Updated 4/22/2019
Episode 46 (Hikaru in Shock, the Truth About Nova), cut 230. This image concludes an emotional scene between Eagle and Hikaru, from which I have a sketch set from the Hikaru side. After she has apologized for competing with him for the affection of Lantis, Eagle is touched by her courtesy and the depth of her love for his brother. Hikaru says that she’s glad they had this chance to talk, and, in this cut that ends this scene, Eagle pauses, then closes his eyes and says, “Me too.”

The featured sketch is the rough, likely by Shinobu Nishioka [西岡 忍], who was animation director of this and three other MKR episodes (37, 40, 44). He also worked on Vampire Princess Miyu (key animation and episode animation direction) and took a proportionately greater role in the Rayearth OAV (animation direction, eps. 1 and 3). He is also noted for character design for Devilman Lady and Yumeria.

The two thumbs add the layouts, one showing the start of this cut, the other showing Eagle closing his eyes and bowing his head a little. It is interesting to see that the layout artist shows Eagle looking rather gentle, while Nishioka strengthened his expression quite a bit, making his eyes more deeply sculpted and looking rather dangerous. While Hikaru’s confession has touched the warrior, he’s by no means giving up his rivalry to become Cephiro’s all-powerful Pillar, and so his courtesy is tempered with steel.

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