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Rozen Maiden 3: Episode 11

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Suigintou’s finishing touch
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 3
Cel Number: A3
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Added 4/22/2019
Cut 296. Shinku’s three allies have improved matters by getting Shinku free from the N-layer and moved over to Jun’s dream world. But Suigintou soon tracks them down and quickly puts them out of action. Tiring of these one-sided tricks, she now raises a hand and prepares to bring this Alice Game to a nasty end.

Featured is episode animation director Tamai’s rough, a graceful piece of animation work. The hand, now relaxed and confident, embodies the villain’s sense that nothing now stands between her and absolute victory. That detail repays a long, appreciative look: see now naturally the fingers are posed, the little finger a little more flexed than the others. And ... fingernails! The ruffles on Suigintou’s sleeve nicely frame the deceptive grace of her gesture, and following the curve of her arm leads you to her face and (for once) perfectly executed expression of evil mockery.

And yet senior animation director Ishii sees room for improvement. Look at the first thumbnail to see where this artist polished Tamai’s already very fine work: the ruffles brought a little closer to the wrist ... the bust filled out ... the expression now angled a little down, showing Suigintou literally looking down on her defeated rival. The second thumb adds the A2 layout, an earlier and much weaker conception in every way (Suigintou looks to be reclining on a cushioned chair as she raises her hand).

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