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Suigintou triumphs
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Added 4/22/2019
Cut 308. And ... the attack hits home, and Shinku drops to the ground, gravely wounded. This could have been a moment for the villain to roar in gales of wicked laughter, but the animation team makes the moment all the more chilling by having her look on in amused silence, a thin, slightly weary smile spreading over her face.

Again, I’ve featured Tamai’s rough, a terrific, terrific piece of work. Not only is the smile perfectly realized, but every ribbon, every piece of lace is included in precise detail. And this is the rough, with three more levels of revision and polishing to follow. This would be more than adequate for most studios as a post-genga shuusei.

And darned if senior animation director Ishii doesn’t find things to improve. Look at the first thumb to see her very thorough “shuusei no shuusei” -- again the expression is tilted down a little, adding the touch of condescension Suigintou likes to throw in at such moments. Yeah, it took nearly all episode to get to this moment, but now it’s here. Shinku’s trash, and I’m in charge now, OK? And the bust is fuller, and the wings have more depth.

Meanwhile take a look at the second thumb to see where this process started: a really hideous image of the wicked maiden with a smirky expression, formless body, and what looks like a jellyfish stuck to her bodice. That helps you appreciate the impressive work Tamai did to get this image set right, both in emotion and in detail. With that rough on the table early on, the other artists can make this cut not just “good enough,” but nearly perfect.

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