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Shinku realizes she’s injured: A3
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 3
Cel Number: A3
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Added 4/22/2019
Updated 4/22/2019
Shinku pulls upright and lifts up her head, making her expression clearly visible for the first time in this cut. And at this point, two things happen at once. the doll’s eyes, thus far tightly shut in pain, come wide open, and suddenly we can see her left hand come out from behind that knee. There’s a moment of shock, as we watch Shinku register what’s happened to her: she’s not just been hurt, she’s been physically disfigured by Suigintou’s attack.

Featured is Kimiko Tamai’s wonderful realization of this scene, begun as a faint outline in lighter pencil, then worked up in graphite and colored pencil into a fully finished portrait of Shinku at this horrible moment. It’s telling to compare this sketch to the mediocre image in the layout (first thumb) that was her model. There Shinku’s arm had been visible from the beginning, but was imaged just as a featureless fist. By concealing that part of the doll’s body in the first two keys, Tamai makes its appearance a dramatic part of the cut, underlining the horror in Shinku’s face.

As fine a sketch as Tamai’s rough is, Ishii finds important ways to improve it. Look at her shuusei in the second thumb: she moves the image down far enough to conceal the folds of the doll’s blouse, so they (and the problematic foot) are now just roughed in. And Ishii finds another level of emotion -- a burst of sorrow -- to include in Shinku’s expression.

But notice the “x’s” to the left of her body: Tamai had wanted to show the doll’s hair strands still visible on that side, but Ishii saw that moving them out of sight behind her would make that dramatic hand and facial expression stand out more boldly. Look up at the screen cap to see how these two details really “pop” now in the keyframe.

It is, as always, a learning experience to see the early stages of an important scene such as this to watch how talented artists generated and refined the critical details that make it work visually.

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