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Tohru learns Kyo is The Cat: A1
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 3
Cel Number: A1
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Added 4/22/2019
Updated 8/8/2021
The three Sohmas having returned to human form (and put their clothes back on), Tohru is left contemplating the burden of having learned the dark secret that rules them. But her solemnity breaks into joy when Kagure explains that the orange-haired guy sulking in the corner is the Sohma possessed by The Cat, the zodiac animal she has grown up loving in her transgressive way.

And so the romance begins....

This quick cut contains a pan in, during which Tohru’s eyes and smile expand, while her hair spreads out behind her. Featured above is the A1 genga; move to the next item to see how this look of happy surprise goes over the top in the A2 keyframe.

This cut was one of many that was scattered by dealers soon after this popular series premiered in 2002. (One of the dougas can be seen in Ducky’s Kawaii Stuff.) The part of the sketch set that I got retained the two gengas, plus a rough (first thumb) and a two sets of partial shuuseis, one on yellow paper, the second on light green paper.

The A1 shuusei on yellow paper (see second thumb) is unusually complete; I think it is a pre-genga revision of the rough as flickering it with the genga reveals no important changes. The artist likely was senior animation director Akemi Hayashi, who appears to have reviewed and touched up the work of all her episode animation directors in pre- and post-genga shuuseis on yellow paper.

Nothing survived in this pack that would identify the cut, but the simple style of the light-green rough (see first thumb) looked much like ones I had gotten at the same time from Ep. 6. I guessed that it was by the same animator, Takashi Sokabe, but I could not find this particular outfit in Ep. 6.

Then I realized that Sokabe had also supervised Ep. 2. A quick review of that episode proved that my guess was right: Tohru wears this outfit in the opening scene, and the cut popped up in short order.

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