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Weeping, running Karada: roughs
Source: TV
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Sketches: 3
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Added 4/22/2019
Updated 4/22/2019
Cut 153. After an emotional talk with Shōko, Karada panics and begins running randomly through the beachside town where she now lives. Her companion runs to alert Hiro and Tetsu, who are having an intimate talk of their own. Just before the eyecatch, we see a close-up image of Karada’s tearful face as she races blindly through the streets.

This sketch set preserved three rough sketches, along with what passed for the layout image, a blown-up frame from the storyboard:

Of these three, the featured one is the only semi-finished sketch; it’s a preliminary but very effective image of Karada with her tearful eye and determined expression. The other two (thumbs) are much more basic images of where Karada’s face will fall in the frame as she gallops along.

Caution! Fussy Notes

The animation style in these roughs is quite different from what we’ve seen for the two more senior artists credited for this episode, Masahiro Fujii and Ryoichi Oki, and the magenta-colored paper is also strikingly different. That paper was used by one of the animators of Episode 10 whom I dubbed the “ill-at-ease” artist after a series of roughs showing Karada acting visibly uncomfortable.

The same animator also did a series of roughs for an Ep. 10 cut that likewise showed this character running quickly. Interestingly, both cuts show a similar 7/8 profile pose, with Karada’s right eye (on the far side) just visible over the bridge of her nose. And the keyframe number is written in a distinctive way, in which the stroke of the “1” is continued in a clockwise circle around the numeral.

A simple solution is that the artist is Mitsuharu Kajitani [ 梶谷光春], who received credit for animation direction for both Episode 10 and 12. This artist has wide ranging experience both as a key animator (Azumanga Daioh, Cyberteam in Akihabara) and episode animation director (notably in the Little Busters, Nodame Cantabile and Slayers Evolution/Revolution series).

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