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Asatte no Hōkō 7: Episode 12

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Tetsu: “I ... I ... I ... I ...”
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 2
Cel Number: A1, A8
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Added 4/22/2019
Ep. 12, cut 178. After the eyecatch, a montage of shots from various angles show Karada in her mad dash, intercut with Tetsu on his bicycle, trying to locate her. Inevitably, they come face to face. “So go on running,” the lad exclaims to the astonished Karada. “I’ll keep looking for you ... and I’ll find you ... again and again.” Then, with this stern face, he pauses silently for a while. Then he drops his head and opens his mouth, but he says nothing. Finally he jerks his head up, continuing to glare at the lost little girl grown big.

This lot contained only the complete set of 25 dougas for this cut and the next, plus the timing sheet. Most were complete, but a run from A14 to A17 were partials, allowing Tetsu’s hair to react to his abrupt move at the end. I’ve featured the A1 image that starts this cut, adding the A8 douga where the lad tries (but fails) to say something very important.

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