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Asatte no Hōkō 7: Episode 12

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Tetsu: “I love you!” Reanimation
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 24
Cel Number: A1-A24END
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Added 4/22/2019
Updated 4/22/2019

Here I’ve tried to honor the timing sheet as accurately as possible. Tetsu glares at the adult Karada for just over a second and a half (A1). Then his head drops, and he closes his eyes and opens his mouth. Unable to say a word, he stands that way (A8, mouth still open) for another full second and a skosh. Then he shuts his mouth and stays there (A11), eyes shut, head bowed, for nearly two seconds.

Then suddenly up comes the head (at the quicker rate of 12/sec), Tetsu’s eyes open, and at A17 he regains a position similar to where he began. The cut turns partial here to let Tetsu’s hair react to this quick head move, and I’ve digitally pasted in Tetsu’s expression to complete these images, not perfectly but well enough to show the effect.) This pose was marked on the timing sheet to last the entire rest of the page (over 5 seconds!) but the studio, impatient with slowpoke lover Tetsu, cut this timeless moment to just one second (and a bit).

Cut 179, the distant side shot where Tetsu actually makes his declaration, follows, and I’ve just faded into a title card with the much-dreaded confession, then faded back to the A17 frame, which is the start of Cut 180. Tetsu simply drops his head (“on threes”) and turns it a bit to the left, blushing furiously (A24 END).

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