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Asatte no Hōkō 2: Episodes 4-6

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Shōko talking to Kotomi: A1
Source: TV
Layers: 3
Sketches: 3
Cel Number: A1, B1, C1
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Added 4/22/2019
Ep. 5, c. 97. Nervously, Shōko explains that she had just moved to Kanocho and doesn’t know anyone. “Really!” the stranger replies, “Me, too!” [An interesting coincidence . . . but in this world . . . ] And so she settles comfortably on the bench beside the increasingly edgy “little girl.”

As the focus of this cut is Shōko’s awkward reaction to this strange but familiar grown-up, I’ve featured the A1 genga showing her funny expression. That was a big improvement over the layout image (first thumb), where she simply looks sad, just like a little kid who’s having trouble making friends. The B1/C1 image of Kotomi on the bench was imaged out of focus, keeping our eye on the predicament of the woman-grown-little-again, but the genga (second thumb) fully realized her complex pose, knees up and arms wrapped around them, with the lower part of her head. (Eerily, as in a previous image of a grown-up, we don’t see her eyes; the key animator doesn’t even rough them in on the genga.)

This sketch set included the gengas, post-genga shuuseis (by both Kinoshita and Itou) and dougas, plus a single layout and the timing sheet. The shuuseis for these images weren’t interesting, but move ahead one item to see how the two artists worked together to clean up the keyframes.

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