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Rozen Maiden Zurückspulen (Studio Deen, 2013), Eps. 1-9

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Copy Shinku slaps Elder Jun
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 2
Cel Number: B1. A2
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Added 2/27/2019
Updated 2/27/2019
This set of sketches came up on a dealer's site: it's obviously from the Zurückspulen story arc, as seen from Shinku's "shark teeth" decorations and the "alternative world" elder Jun. A quick look in the obvious spots didn't turn up the context through. It is a fine sketch, likely a rough rather than a shuusei, so I've uploaded it, hoping to return and clarify its place in the series after some additional research.

The rough came with a matching A2 douga of Shinku alone, added in the thumbnail.

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