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Ichese trying to escape: Layouts
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 3
Cel Number: A1, A2, A3
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Added 2/18/2019
Updated 7/8/2023
Ep. 5 [“LOITER”], cut 119. Shortly after the disabled fighter escapes from the laboratory where his new prosthetic limbs were installed without his permission, we see him wandering down a dark alley. Struggling to use his new mechanical leg, he painfully raises himself on a railing and breathes heavily before moving on.

Sketches from this series are scarce and eagerly fought over when they do come up for auction. Sensei managed to nab this very complete set recently while the sharks went after other items offered at the same time. It consisted of the gengas (and a copy art board), roughs, gengas, shuuseis, a full set of complete dougas, plus the timing sheet and cut bag. Featured here is the layout for the A1 keyframe, already a very intense image of the much abused punk fighter Ichese as he tries to elude the baddies.

The thumbnails add the somewhat simpler A3 layout and the copy art board, which worked out the sharply tilted perspective and the iron railing that Ichese is gripping to support him. That was rendered on the background, so all the sketches leave a blank space for this object.


Like many of the yoshitoshi ABe series, this series drew on a distinguished group of artists. Episode 5’s director was Kou Matsuo [松尾 衡], later senior director of Rozen Maiden (2004), as well as of Kurenai (2008) and Valvrave the Liberator (2013). Episode animation director was Shinji Ochi [越智 信次], this artist’s only such assignment. (Ochi was also credited for key animation for this episode and for Ep. 9.] Ochi began his career in the mid-80s as an in-betweener but rose quickly to the role of animation director, serving this role for Matchless Raijin-Oh, Yuu Yuu Hakusho, El Hazard, and Hikaru no Go. His most distinguished credit has been character designer and chief animation director for the 2010 dark fantasy Shiki The roughs and shuusei in this cut are likely Ochi ’s work.

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