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5. Haruhi grabs the curse doll Beelzenef: 3
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 2
Cel Number: A5
Standard size

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Added 1/26/2019
Updated 1/28/2019
Finally, fully erect, she holds up the curse doll dramatically and pronounces her judgment on the feuding twinsfor carrying their quarrel too far. Now she won’t ever let them visit her home, she announces, unless they make up.

This partial sketch of the end keyframe is, like the roughs, on light yellow paper, and as such it is likely the work of Yuka Kudo. But I think this is a post-genga shuusei, as it is labeled “A5” while the roughs are labeled just “1,” “2,” etc. This is also the only one that did not come with a light-pink shuusei no shuusei; I’d guess that by this stage the poses in this cut had been settled among the team, and so all that was needed was to put the final dramatic touches on Haruhi’s angry expression.

The thumbnail adds the corresponding layout.

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