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5. Haruhi grabs the curse doll Beelzenef: Reanimation
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 5
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Added 1/26/2019
Updated 1/28/2019

Here are the pink-paper roughs (plus the yellow-paper “5,” which seemed to be satisfactory as is) animated in a simple way, showing how this set of sketches in fact proved to be the basis for the final version of this cut. Compare how it might have looked if the layout poses had been used instead:

See the problem? The head swing from right to left is clunky and unnecessary, as is the shoulder twist. The version featured above is less finished as sketchwork, but it works, showing Haruhi leaning over to nab the plushie from Kaoru, then pulling herself erect before striking a pose and making her statement. (Of course, Kaoru and Hikaru have been waiting for her to say something like this, for it could be read the other way: if they DO make up, then Haruhi WILL invite them to come over.)

The thumbs add the “3” and “4” shuuseis on pale-pink paper.

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