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3.Tamaki confronting Haruhi
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Added 1/26/2019
Updated 1/26/2019
Ep. 3, cut 51. Kyoya has just pointed out that the Twins spend much more time in class with Haruhi than he does. Driven as usual frantic by this idea, he confronts the female Host and warns her not to fraternize with this “disreputable” pair.

Haruhi does not respond, but during the cut chibi versions of the Twins slide into the background between the two, saying that Tamaki is hardly the one to call other Hosts “disreputable.”

Featured above is a very finished rough sketch, likely by animation director Motohashi. This could have been a rather scary, violent cut, but notice that Haruhi, as usual, is not frightened, only (as usual) rather puzzled by Tamaki’s sudden over-the-top enthusiasm. The thumbnails add an earlier version of the keyframe, filled with chatter among the animation team, and a detail from the rough that worked out the twins’ intervention.

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