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Rozen Maiden 4: Episode 12

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Jun watches Shinku start to fade
Source: TV
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Sketches: 2
Cel Number: A1
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Added 1/24/2019
Updated 1/24/2019
Cut 321. Rose petals start to flutter all around, and, to Jun’s dismay, the doll begins to disappear into a pink mist.

This fine complete rough, done in Kumi Ishii’s distinctive style, showed up on a dealer’s page three years after I’d nabbed the next item. These two sets, with adjacent cut numbers, both showed up (in a slightly eerie way) on my birthday.

Added in the thumbnail is the matching layout, a fine piece of drafting, which I picked up at the same time. But in that sketch Jun just looks slightly sad at taking his leave from the doll who’s enslaved him and simultaneously freed him from his mental hang-ups. Ishii, as usual, gives the moment a huge jolt of emotion: in the sketch above Jun is not just melancholy, but shocked and frantic at this unexpected parting of the ways.

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