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Cheza senses trouble
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 3
Cel Number: A4, A5
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Added 11/23/2018
Updated 11/23/2018
Episode 7, cut 206. In this episode, Kaiba and the others encounter Cheza, the female wolf/changeling who has been created from the flower. She offers to lead them to where the rest of her pack used to live, but when she arrives there, she finds the place ravaged and empty. Then she senses trouble and looks behind her: the armed minions of Lord Orkham are starting to surround the pack of wolves, hoping to recapture the Flower Maiden

This partial sketch set consisted of six gengas, five complete and one partial, showing Cheza’s quick turn, plus the genga shuuseis (all partials). I’ve featured the A5 genga, showing the Flower Maiden face on to the viewer. (Move ahead a step to see all five gengas reanimated in a simple way.) The A5 genga shuusei (scanned against the genga to provide context) is added in the first thumb. The more complete A4 genga shuusei, showing Cheza as she comes around, is supplied as the second thumb. (See how much metallic heft the ring around her neck gained at the shuusei stage.) These sketches on yellow paper must be the work of Tsunenori Saito [斎藤 恒徳], animation director of this episode.

Saito was also animation director for the recap episodes (15-18) and for Ep. 3 of the four-episode OAV finale. He worked as key animator and assistant animation director in eleven more episodes, making him one of the most influential artists in this break-out series for BONES. This artist had previously worked as key animator for Cowboy Bebop (11 episodes) and as Assistant Animation director for the Cowboy Bebop Movie and as key animation supervisor for the Escaflowne Movie.

He later worked on many BONES series including RahXephon (episode animation direction) and Fullmetal Alchemist (key animation, episode animation direction). Saito recently contributed to Snow White with the Red Hair (chief animation director, 7 episodes) and to the 2017 Blood Blockade Battlefront & Beyond (chief animation director, odd episodes).

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