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Tenshi ni Narumon 02: Noelle and Yuusuke

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Noelle’s halo becomes a buzz saw
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 2
Cel Number: A1, B1
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Added 11/20/2018
Episode 22 (Just Stretch Your Hand and . . . See?). Tied to the angel statue in the school’s courtyard, Noelle tries to remove her halo (with help from Muse), but her efforts fail as the halo expands dramatically until it turns into a destructive natural force.

Recently obtained as part of a grab-bag lot, this genga shuusei came with the genga it corrected (first thumb). The detail in Noelle’s tortured face is extraordinary: see the detail (about twice the actual size) in the second thumbnail.

Episode 22 is a pivotal one in the series’ shift from random and comic to dark and serious. You can learn more about the team who produced it on this page in my gallery devoted to the “Temptation of Eros” series. Two animators were credited for animation direction, Takako Onishi [大西貴子\] and Tetsuya Yamamoto [山本哲也]. The latter animator also was solo Animation Director for the previous episode, and since the sketching style and manner of labeling the sequence number are the same in this Ep. 21 genga shuusei, I’m confident in identifying Yamamoto as the artist of this shuusei.

Yamamoto had a short career as an animator for Pierrot, working on Yu Yu Hakusho (dougas), Urusei Yatsura (gengas), and doing episode animation direction for a number of minor Pierrot series such as Moeru! Oniisan. Soon after this assignment, he moved away from animation into a supervisory role in production, negotiating overseas rights for Howl's Moving Castle, Ponyo, Tales from Earthsea and the second Ghost in the Shell movie. A pity Yanamoto’s animating career was so brief, as his style shows precise attention to character design combined with intense emotionality.

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