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Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne Ep 34: Confession of Separation!

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Jeanne holds a wounded Sinbad
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Added 11/19/2018
Updated 11/19/2018
Scene 25, cut 63. To make matters worse (better?), at the last second Kaitou Sinbad dramatically leaps down from the ceiling, freeing the trapped Jeanne, so the demon’s attack misses. “I’ll handle this,” her rival says, adding, “You’re in no shape to face him.”

Whereupon the demon promptly shreds Sinbad with its next attack.

He drops back into Jeanne’s arms, and she bends over his inert body, quivering all over with ....

[Sensei breaks in with the usual collector's details: Featured is a really spectacular genga, with the preliminary (but already good) layout in the first thumb. The second thumb adds an interesting touch: a subtle shift in Sinbad's expression. For more on how the studio animated this detail in an unexpected and effective way, move right on to the next item.

Or else, gird your post-modern magical girl loins and descend into . . . ]


Well, quivering all over with what? Jeanne is perhaps feeling a bit of fear, having just witnessed just how much destructive power this demon can wield. And perhaps there’s the stereotypical concern for her partner, who’s badly injured and perhaps dying. Even if he is Jeanne’s spiritual antagonist, in their everyday forms they are Maron and Chiaki, a girl and a guy who are in a relationship (a complicated one, but still. . . .).

But there’s something more: look at Jeanne’s face! As in the previous cut, she’s not just scared or worried, she’s angry!

And angry in how many ways? As before, she’s mad at the demon for messing up her lovely world of flowers, mad at herself for falling into the trap, and now, even more so, she’s mad at this dumb lug of a would-be boyfriend, who jumps in at the (right? wrong?) moment to rescue her. Then he’s full of stereotypical masculine things to say . . . you’re a woman . . . you’re too emotional to handle really serious situations like this . . . let me take charge of this . . . I’ll save you, my poor dear helpless damsel in distress . . .

And then, on top of that, before he can get started showing to show this fragile lady what a real man can do, he gets wasted by the demon. Yet, let’s face it, on some level Maron loves this lying, meddlesome, sexist jerk.

So she skips the conventional anime line here -- “Are you all right?” (Noooo, he’s just been sliced into ribbons*. . . .) Instead, she mutters, “I’m not going to forgive you for this. . . .”

(Who does she mean? The demon? Or Sinbad/Chiaki? Or . . . both?)

And . . . ?

Oh, well, that gets us into really dirty spoiler turf, ne? Go watch the episode. Without spoiling the fun, let’s just say that the cuts that follow contain some of Kaitou Jeanne’s most dramatic (and scary!) moments, in which she makes good use of that gymnastics ribbon, along with some hints that she obviously picked up from Bad Girl in Condition Green.

For once, one feels genuinely sorry for poor overmatched Satan, who clearly chose the wrong cute little girl to pick on in this series. After all . . . “Hell hath no fury . . .“

GRATUITIOUS EXTRA SPOILER: * Chiaki is going to be just fine, for as soon as the demon gets sealed, his multiple wounds immediately heal. One can’t say as much for his relationship with Maron or for his future to become a Satanic High Lord now that he’s crossed his masters yet again.

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