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Ferio sizes up Fuu
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Added 11/16/2018
Updated 10/5/2022
Episode 3, cut 131. The wandering swordsman Ferio has just joined up with the Knights on their first adventure in the Silent Woods. The three, prudently, are questioning him to determine if he is a potential ally or a scoundrel in league with the bad boss Zagato. Fuu has just caught the stranger in an obvious lie, and in response Ferio returns this complex Look.

That look is deceptively simple: yes, obviously, Ferio is irritated that his cover story has been exploded, and this shows at once. And yet, at the same time, there’s a touch of respect: this woman is no babe in the Silent Woods, but a crafty warrior in her own right.

Featured is a fine rough, likely by the episode’s animation director, Akira Takeuchi, with the corresponding layout (also a well-crafted sketch) in the first thumbnail. A simpler second layout (second thumb) shows Ferio exhaling before admitting that he’s been caught and following with a marginally more credible story.


Akira Takeuchi [竹内昭] was animation director for episode 8 as well. He began work as an key animator in the early 1980s and had only recently graduated to this position, which he later performed for an number of classic cel-based series such as Fushigi Yugi and Revolutionary Girl Utena. He has continued work into the CGI era, contributing key animation for series such as Fullmetal Alchemist and Tegami Bachi/Letter Bee, plus animation direction for Heaven’s Memo Pad, Attack on Titan, and Mushishi: The Next Chapter.

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