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Suigintou: She’s not dead?? WTF??
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 3
Cel Number: A3, A2
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Added 11/16/2018
Updated 6/29/2019
There’s a blinding flash of energy, and when it clears Suigintou and we see that instead of shattering the helpless Shinku, the sword itself has shattered. Suigintou stares down, utterly astonished at this turn of events.

[You might want to skip over to another gallery to view the sketches from the very next cut (C-224), where we see that Shinku is just as astonished as Suigintou to find herself still very much alive and intact.]

This too is a fine piece of art: see how those ribbons continue to flutter. The first thumb adds the partial A2 genga, showing how Suigintou’s body and all her feathers and accessories react to that heavy blow when it lands. The featured genga above was originally labeled "A3 END" as you can see, but the "END" was canceled at this stage and the team added three more gengas, A4-A6 (not imaged), solely for the continuing rebound of her ribbons and feathers.

The second thumb includes an interesting copy art board that shows the intended background for this scene, a nighttime scene grim inner-city buildings inverted and hung over the two battling dolls like a dystopian sky. But actually, as the screencap shows, very little of this showed, as Suigintou’s body and wings nearly fill the frame and the light effect from the lower left corner obscured the rest.

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