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Source: TV
Layers: 1
No sketches available
Cel Number: A1
Standard size

Key Cel
No Background

Added 11/15/2018
Updated 1/31/2020
This portrait of the series villainess was included in the lot with another Maimai cel. A notation on the top places it in Episode 20 (Saraba Yōsei MAIMAI, or “Farewell to Yōsei Maimai”). Her look in this cel (likewise in good shape other than the douga shred still stuck to her backside) suggests determination rather than anger: she looks to be about to do what an evil cyborg’s gotta do in an episode devoted to her last stand.

It is interesting that Maimai is referred to as a Yōsei, a term that has recently been appropriated by Japanese to refer to Western-style “fairies” such as Barrie’s creation Tinker Bell. But the term literally means “bewitching spirit,” and there are a number of indigenous Japanese legends that describe these beings as uncanny and dangerous.

However, Japanese yōsei are usually described as diminuative creatures, so, given Maimai’s bewitching qualities and insect size, the term is quite appropriate for her in those limited senses. But she certainly is not a yōsei in the same vein as Yōsei Florence (title character of the Sanrio anime film), who owes more to the small folk in the "Nutcracker" portion of Disney’s Fantasia

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