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Rough settei study: Adult Shōko Nogami (front)
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Added 11/9/2018
This is one of a set of sketches, evidently for the settei or “setting materials” that ensure continuity in the way characters are drawn. (In American animation, these are variously called “model sheets” or “character studies.”) It shows the adult Shōko Nogami standing face forward. (Move ahead for its companion, showing her standing the opposite way with her head to the side.) Mandarake attributed these sketches to the series Character Designer Ikuko Itō, and it seems likely that they show stages in working up Shōko’s typical postures, outfits, and accessories.

This particular sketch appears to be an early draft, which was first done faintly in a pencil that left faint gray strokes, then worked up in a bolder graphite pencil. A detail of Shōko’s head and shoulders is included in the first thumb. Notice how Shōko’s head was first rendered schematically as an egg shape, with faint lines drawn from top to bottomand around at the level of the eyes. Later her chin was made more pointed and the eyes, nose, and mouth drawn in a few emphatic strokes. An interesting detail is that it looks as if Itō first added a necklace around Shōko’s neck, then partially erased it, adding her shoulder blades more darkly.

The back side of the sketch was also instructive: this shows that Itō’s working and reworking of nearly every detail left a clear “mirror image” on the reverse of the sketch sheet. (See second thumb.) And in places it looks as if certain details were emphasized on the back with short strokes of the pencil. Either that or Itō was working on a light table with this sheet of paper put on top of an even more preliminary version. As the animator traced and elaborated the outlines of the character, the pencil strokes on the front picked up some of the graphite from the earlier sketch on the back side of the sheet.

I flickered this “mirror image” with the sketch on the front, and they are identical, so it is an artifact of Itō’s sketching technique, not an independent version. (But move right along to the next item!)

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