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Souseiseki apologizes: A1
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 3
Cel Number: A1
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Added 9/19/2018
Updated 4/22/2019
Cut 233. This episode has introduced a fifth Maiden, Souseiseki, who is designed as Suiseiseki’s twin sister. The two are gardener dolls: Sui (to use the short form) uses a watering can as a weapon inducing plants to grow to giant size, while Sou uses a pair of keen pruning scissors. The reunion of the sisters is complicated, however, as Sou has previously accepted an aging watchmaker as her master and is reluctant to leave him to live with her sister in Jun’s increasingly crowded room.

Here Sou has returned to the watchmaker after a long and tempestuous quarrel with her sister. The old man relies on him for comfort and help, and so the Maiden knows that she will have been missed during her absence

Featured above is an extraordinarily beautiful genga, drawn in careful detail and colored carefully in several lovely pastel shades. Production quality was very high in this Nomad project, but this sketch stands out even among other Rozen Maiden keyframes. Look especially at the very careful work on the eyes, where Sou’s complicated mixture of emotions is superbly realized. She’s still mad because the sister she loves has made such a scene, and sorry that she can’t in good conscience honor the demand she’s made. And now ... what to say to the fragile watchmaker to explain why she’s abandoned him. All these feelings are there!


The animation director for Ep. 8 was Satonobu Kikuchi [菊池 聡延], this artist’s only contribution to this season of the series. Kikuchi, however, did also work on the second season (Träumend, 3 eps.) plus Ouvertüre. Like much of the animation team, he had previously worked on Revolutionary Girl Utena (TV and movie, gengas) and Cardcaptor Sakura (Movie 2, assistant animation director). He also had served as animation director for four episodes of the Key the Metal Idol OAV and also four episodes of Galaxy Angel A. Later, Kikuchi moved up to episode director for a variety of series, most notably both seasons of Attack on Titan, on which he also served as an animation director and key animator.

Sadly, this sketch set contains nothing that can clearly be attributed to his hand. It included two partial sketches for the A2 and A4 keyframes, polishing details of Sou’s eyes and expression. These are identical to the genga, so they are likely to be revisions of the animation director’s roughs, which were not in the set that I received, and I believe them to be the final shuusei that Kumi Ishii habitually did. The thumbnails add the layout, with a sadder and much less conflicted expression, and the nearly perfect A1 douga.

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