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Souseiseki apologizes: Reanimation
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 7
Cel Number: A1-A7
Standard size

No Background

Added 9/19/2018
Updated 9/21/2018

The dougas came with the set and were complete up to A7, at which point they go partial so that Sou’s hair can react to his sudden move. I’ve reanimated them with help from the timing sheet. The bulk of the animation is “on threes” (8-to-a-second), with the A1 keyframe pausing just over half a second and the A5 keyframe (equating to the A2 genga) pausing a second and three-quarters, allowing Sou to start his apology, then pause for a long time. Then the A6 and A7 frames rush in, and I’ve added a brief fade and a blank frame to buffer the loop back to the start.

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