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Asatte no Hōkō 3: Episode 7

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Karada listens to Shōko describe college life: A2
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 3
Cel Number: A2
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Added 8/25/2018
Updated 8/25/2018
As Shōko continues, Karada’s expression quickly turns into a smile as she engages with her friend’s memories. She turns her head around (from the awkward position leaning toward her friend) and looks up dreamily, exclaiming “Wow!”

The fine genga is again featured. Fujii’s and Itō’s sketches were much simpler, but their job was more difficult as the layout (as often happened in AnH) was pretty awful:

Karada looks like she’s yawning, or about to throw up or something. Fujii (first thumb) improved the pose by tilting her head up, so that it looks like she’s gazing off into the distance, and having her open her mouth just enough to suggest a pleasant dream. Itō refined this work in a complete shuusei (second thumb) that makes her mouth a little smaller yet.

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