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Asatte no Hōkō 3: Episode 7

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Shōko remembers
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 3
Cel Number: A1
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Added 8/25/2018
Updated 8/25/2018
Cut 102. The next cut shifts to Shōko, who continues, rather seriously, “and in the middle of the city, there is a university.” We hear Karada ask, “Did you study a lot...?” Shōko pauses awkwardly, for this is dangerous territory for her.

Again, I’ve featured the genga, the result of a lot of careful work, as both Karada’s back and Shōko’s down-tilted profile needed to look natural. The layout, as usual, needed work

Here the shut-eyes expression suggested a migraine rather than a memory. Fujii’s colorful rough (first thumb) chose to have Shōko’s eyes open through the cut and show her face in straight profile. Notice how the ponytail hangs down on the far side and provides a backdrop for the facial details. Also notice that the first draft made Karada’s back too short; this part of the sketch was cut out and remounted at the correct height.

Itō’s partial shuusei (second thumb) again does a lot of softening of these details and captures the complex look on Shōko’s face as she stops and considered whether to go on with what happened in college and in how much detail.

Cut 103 returns us to the Cut 101 A2 keyframe of Karada in her reverie. But when Shōko adds (offscreen), “You also make a lot of friends,” Karada leaves her reverie and turns back toward her companion, ending with an inquiring look. Thriftily, the studio simply had the dougas from cut 101 run backwards to create cut 103, and Karada ends up in the same A1 keyframe as in the previous item.

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