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Shōko thinks about the past
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 3
Cel Number: A2
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Added 8/25/2018
Updated 8/25/2018
Cut 122. After the shift to Hiro at the pharmacy, the scene returns to Shōko’s apartment, where Karada has gone to the kitchen to begin to make the birthday cake. Shōko, in a reflective mood, has gone out onto the balcony, and she glances over at Karada, smiles, then turns to gaze silently into the sky.

A flashback makes it clear that she is reliving her own memory of when she tried to prepare a birthday feast for Hiro when the two were living together, which ended, predictably, in disaster followed by dinner out.

I’ve featured the genga here, the result of some interesting dialog among the animators. The layout is a pretty good effort for this series:

But somehow it didn’t work for the animation directors. The sketch set included two sheets (unimaged) with the storyboard images of Shōko smiling (marked “A1) and then turning to look at the sky (“A2”). A large set of very faint sketches on variously colored sheets of paper (also not imaged) reworked these images from scratch again, among other things placing Shōko’s ponytail and butterfly bow over her left shoulder rather than hanging down her back.

Also, the cut was rethought, so that she begins with a more neutral, curious expression as she looks back into her kitchen (“what on earth is she doing?”), then sees that Karada has things under control, smiles in a dreamy way, then turns away as her own reverie begins.

Even once this was settled so that episode animation director Fujii could have a go at a rough (first thumb), that also did not pass muster. Too smirky, one can imagine Ikuko Itō thinking, as she reworked the image in a nearly complete shuusei rough (second thumb). The result is a charming image of the older woman grown child again.

I haven’t imaged the A1 or A3 genga keyframes, but if you move a step ahead, you’ll see the dougas reanimated and get a sense of how this cut worked in its final form.

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