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Eddie and Sho looking out
Source: OVA
Layers: 2
Sketches: 1
Cel Number: B13, kabuse layer
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Added 8/8/2018
Scene 21, cut 5. The Condition Green team explores the ventilation system, and at one point these two pry up a grate and look out cautiously. Sequence numbers: B13 (Eddie, Sho, and the grate), unnumbered kabuse layer (corrects color of grate)

Interestingly, this cut includes a touch of comic action: first Sho emerges; then he jumps and says “Ouch!” Eddie then joins him with an apologetic grin as his partner glares at him. Then (as shown above), the two retreat in tandem. The storyboard shows this action in outline.

But it’s never clear what Eddie does to Sho. If he were carrying a weapon with a bayonet, I could guess. But as the scene develops, there’s no explanation; one just assumes that Eddie just does something klutzy, as this character is prone to doing.

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