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Wonderful Adventures of Nils (Pierrot, 1980-81)

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Nils captured by Smirre
Source: TV
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Cel Number: A2
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Added 7/30/2018
Updated 7/31/2018
Ep. 48, cut 228. The sly-minded but less-than-competent fox Smirre plays a spoiler role in the anime series from start to finish, unlike Lagerlöf’s original where he is banished from the novel midway through. Here in one of the final episodes he seems to have satisfied one of his great ambitions by pouncing on the pesky miniature human who has foiled so many of his plots. Sequence number: A2

Actually, if you watch the episode (it is available on YouTube in some of the European dubs), you learn that there is something more complicated going on. Nils has deliberately allowed himself to be captured, leading the ever-frustrated fox to a forest clearing where an interested (and interesting) vixen can observe his mastery of hunting strategies. The two strike up a conversation, and Nils (as he anticipated) is quickly forgotten. And so the anime gives Smirre a much happier exit from the plot and also shows how much Nils has learned to respect all forms of animal life, using his new-found cleverness even to the benefit of his most dangerous enemy.

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