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Kotomi at the train station
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 3
Cel Number: A1
Standard size

No Background

Added 6/23/2018
Cut 269. The band return to Kanōcho, but Kotomi has gotten a call from her father asking her to return home. So she heads for the train station, asking Shōko to come with her. The adult-turned-girl is puzzled by the request -- why not ask the others to come see her off? “Well, we’re friends!” Kotomi replies with a smile.

This simple sketch set came with no roughs and only one uninteresting shuusei. The action consists of Kotomi rolling her eye over to give her “friend” a typical roguish look. It did retain a layout (first thumb).

One odd feature is that the sketch pack also contained a copy layout from Ep. 3, cuts 26, 28, and 32, showing a downcast Karada. On checking out that scene, I found that this also took place at the same bench at the rail station, where Shōko and Karada had a difficult conversation about how they were going to deal with their mutual transformation. A note on the layout confirms that J. C. Staff simply pulled the backgrounds from this scene from their files and recycled them for this scene.

Just a matter of convenience? Or was the studio consciously suggesting that this story was about to end where it began. The opening of this episode also recycled images and backgrounds from the start of the series, and the final scenes do the same thing.

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