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Kotomi: “Mission Accomplished!” A1
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 3
Cel Number: A1
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Added 6/23/2018
Cut 296. After this last friendly conversation with Shoko-chan at the station, Kotomi gives the woman-become-child a big farewell hug and comments (to nobody in particular), “Just like Father told me.” And she boards her train.

We don’t initially understand what her comment means, but as Shōko watches the train pull out, she suddenly discovers that this sly character has played a little trick on her. (Noooo, I won’t tell you what it is, just that it turns out to be the means of resolving the seemingly intractable plot.) At first, Shoko-chan is just as puzzled as the audience; she swivels and looks at the car Kotomi is sitting in. And then the perspective shifts to Kotomi looking back at her friend through the window of the train, a smug “Mission Accomplished” look on her face.

I’ve featured the genga above; that was unusually faint, and so this image has been darkened somewhat to make it easily viewable. This set came with a set of autograph layouts, which are preliminary but already catch the sly humor of this scene. With these were a set of three partial sketches on light green paper. They are nearly identical to the gengas, so they must be either roughs or rough shuuseis. No post-genga shuusei came with this otherwise complete set, and indeed the dougas of the key images appear to be cleaned-up versions of the gengas.

A simple explanation is that this important cut was animated by Shinya Hasegawa, who received credit both as Senior Animation Director of this episode and also as one of the four episode animation directors. And the light-green sketches, while they are more preliminary than the fine, precise genga shuuseis that this artist did, also show the same touch and same attention to facial and hair details.

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