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Asatte no Hōkō 2: Episodes 4-6

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Shōko meets Kotomi: A2
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 3
Cel Number: A2
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Added 6/16/2018
Updated 6/16/2018
”You’re looking pretty gloomy,” Kotomi says in her typically cheerful way, as she raises her right hand to put it on her hips and starts to lean over the little tyke.

The posing of the fingers on both Kotomi’s hands is very complex and realistic, and judging from the shuuseis, it was put in place early in the collaborative sketching process. Kinoshita’s genga shuusei was not very interesting, so I’ve imaged only Itō’s polishing of this keyframe, which focuses, as usual, on those eyes.

Instead, in the second thumb I’ve added an interesting “layout revision” that worked out Kotomi’s basic position in the frame. Done on pink paper, that has the distinctive “box-eyes” approach that I’ve identified as the work of episode director Daisuke Takashima. You’ll see other sketches of this type in this gallery and also in that for Episode 10, which Takashima also directed.

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